CLOUD SOLUTION - Customer Insights ... Understanding customer and product churn at a Satellite TV provider in Eastern Africa (Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda) to gain more insight into their customer behavior, enhance customer satisfaction while enhancing revenue and profits.


Constance Hotels & Resorts

CLOUD SOLUTION - Allow executive management to get on demand business insights on demand with up to date insights and dashboards to allow for better business decisions while introducing forecasting of hotel demand for the short variable costs, e.g. food, drinking water and energy.


A Major South African Bank

CLOUD SOLUTION - A Major South African Bank has entrusted us with storing their KYC and other supporting documents while they are performing on boarding and other process like debt restructuring. This allows the bank to have a platform in the cloud where various stakeholders can be collaboratively involved in the process. This customer leverages our microservices.

Major African Bank ECM Consolidation and KYC Reconciliation

We helped a Major African bank consolidate ECM systems into one more efficient system and also performed reconciliation processes related to their KYC documents using our microservices.

ECM and KYC Compliance Architecture

We helped a major South African Bank with the design, architecture and implementation of the IBM ECM stack to consolidate and improve their ECM and records management capabilities.  Focus areas were compliance, KYC, AML, onboarding and general servicing areas.

An African Regional Bank

This bank needed assistance with their IBM Content Manager OnDemand system, capture system and general compliance consulting.  We designed, developed and delivered a custom security model to meet their needs and are helping them to evolve their solutions to meet their regional expansion and growth plans.