We are very selective about who we partner with. We think you should be as well. Relations with many of our partners go back more than 20 years for some of us.

Cloud Related

Microsoft Azure

We leverage Microsoft products and infrastructure as a product in the cloud and on premise


We leverage IBM's SoftLayer and BlueMix cloud offerings to provide cloud based solutions around the world.

Local Cloud Providers

Some data can not leave a country due to everything from POPI or personal information rules to various commerce agreements. For that reason, we also work with various local providers like Vodacom, MTN, AxizWorkgroup.



IBM is a leader in the Analytics space and we work with the following products:
Watson Analytics, IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis, IBM Cognos.


The fastest and Easiest way to make a Data Analytics-Ready. The official Data Preparation Partner to IBM.


South Africa’s leading IT infrastructure and software distributor.

Open Source

... others as needed

Enterprise Content Management &
Digital Business Automation


IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA) platform
Robotic Process Automation
IBM FileNet / IBM CM8
IBM Content Manager OneDemand (CMOD)
IBM Records Manager
IBM DataCap
IBM StoredIQ
IBM Content Collector for:
- email
- SharePoint
- File Systems

Case Management

Case Management is an orgnizational construct that equates to regulatory compliant storage of content, work processes, analytics portal/hub and control.


IBM Case Manager
IBM Case Manager for Investigations
IBM Tririga (specialized case management for facilities, capital project etc)

Assimilated Information Systems

Assimimilated Information Systems provide document composition, automation and governanceon either On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid.

The solution increases productivity, reduce turn-around time on document processes, eliminates paperand allows for electronic signatures. This approach allows for a tight control of document production from a compliance and risk point of view, but also helps ensure the preservation of corporate identity and legal clauses, that are being used.

Oz Forensics

This software solution platform is designed for forensic image and documentation identification, biometric verification of clients via photo and video content, and for content recognition of passports and data transfer to customer`s card forms. The platform shows forgery in digital copy of a document, confirming image origin or presence of modifications in the result of forensics, and verifies a client with biometry recognition algorithms by photo and video stream


Provides access to the internet whether it is for schooling, medical or IOT (devices that report data e.g. water consumption, temperature) is critical for the evolution of Africa and keeping up with the rest of the world.